Monday, 6 April 2020

Super Science - Easter Challenge

STEM for Kids: Egg Drop Project - Buggy and Buddy
Can you save the egg?
Your challenge is to stop your egg from cracking if it is dropped from a height. 
Using your science knowledge of materials and forces, can you design and make a structure that will protect your egg when it falls?

1. Think about what materials you have around the house that you can use to make your egg drop project, some ideas: plastic bags, straws, plastic containers, string, bubble wrap, paper, tape...
2. Draw and label your design.
3. Make your design.

Be creative - maybe you could decorate your egg before you drop it.
Top Tip - If you don't want an eggy mess, hard boil your egg before you drop it.

Good luck !!!!

Friday, 3 April 2020

Dear Children,
We hope that you have been working hard and staying home to stay safe. Everyone at Roding misses seeing you all in school and hearing about all the different activities that you have been doing.

The next two weeks (Monday 6th April – Friday 17th April) are the Easter holidays so the teachers will not be posting any new work for you to complete. However, there is a fun project and a competition that you might want to take part in.

We hope you have a lovely and enjoyable Easter break. Stay safe and we hope to see you all soon!

Easter Extravaganza!
Every year we have a ‘decorate an egg’ competition. This year is no different!
Decorate a hard boiled or ‘blown’ egg in an unique and exciting way. It can be painted, dressed up or placed as part of a bigger ‘eggsibit’. We understand eggs may be in short supply, if you do not have any you can still make a scene using pebbles.

Take a photo of your entry and email it to by Monday 20th April.

We will post some of your entries on the website and winners from each year group will be announced after the Easter break.

Making History
We are currently making history! Create a time capsule of what is happening around the world, keep it safe and you can share it with your own children and grandchildren in the future! You will be able to share all the memories you have about this unique time you have at home with your family.

Here are some things you could include:
· Keep a log of your daily activities
· Make a note of how you feel. We all experience a range of emotions. How do you feel today?
· Look for the helpers – whenever something bad happens there are always people who help. Look out for them on the news – Who are they? How are they helping?
· Take lots of photos!
· Collect newspaper clippings
· Talk to family members about how their life has changed
· Do you have a Key Worker in the family? You could phone them and interview them.
· What has been the best thing about staying at home with your family?
Hello everyone,

Hope everybody is well and keeping safe!

Just wanted to share with you what the children at school have been up to yesterday in order to showcase their creativity and appreciation to the brilliant work of the NHS.

Easter Holidays!

Hello Everyone!
We hope that you have been working hard and staying home to keep safe. Everyone at Roding, miss seeing you all in school and hearing about all the different activities that you have been doing.

The next few weeks are the Easter holidays so the teachers are not going to be posting any new work for you to complete. However, there is a fun Easter project that you might want to take part in.

Create a diary, noting what is happening at this time. How do you feel? What has changed in your life? What activities have you been doing? Create a time-capsule containing photos and a newspaper. Store it somewhere safe so that either you or someone in the future can see what was happening today.

We hope you have a lovely and enjoyable Easter break.
Stay safe and we hope to see you soon!

Friday 3rd April Daily Tasks

Good morning Year 5! 

It’s Friyay! I hope you have all had a great week completing tasks and spending time with your family. 

Today’s activities: 

Lesson 5 - Equivalent Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (FDP) 

Then complete the math task! You have a choice of completing the activity sheet or a quiz on the year 5 classroom!

Dream Giver

Watch the Dream Giver video :
Then answer the questions using the Google Doc. 

Play: Trapped! Nouns and Adjectives game.

It’s fancy dress Friday for P.E with Joe! 

Let’s see who joins in, wearing fancy dress....  


How about trying yoga to help keep a healthy mindset? 

Encourage others to join you too! 

Pick n Mix! 
As it is the end of a busy week, try to catch up with the projects set over the last few weeks. Pick at least 2 from the following: 

  • Reading and A.R - you could finish Oranges in No Man’s Land (found on Active Learn) or how about reading an A.R book online! Go to:

  • Science Space Project

  • Art/DT/ICT - design and create your own war torn building (just like in Oranges and No Man’s Land) 

There is now an assignment set for you to be able to hand this in. Take photos and upload them if you can! 

  • Times Table Rock Stars! Challenge your friend to a Rock Slam!

  • - complete a live test!

  • Geography- can you name rivers with all the letters of the alphabet?

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Renaissance are providing free access to over 7000 digital books through their My On home program. :)

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Year 5!

 Wishing you all well this Thursday morning.

I found this short video that you might enjoy – what could happen if you get between a pigeon and a snack it really wants, or a teacher and their break time biscuits?

Today’s activities:


It's percentages as fractions and decimals: Week 2, Lesson 4 on:


On the prowl and the related activities on: 


Try out the online noun activity on the link below: 

Remember a collective noun is the name for a group, such as a class of children or a flock of sheep.


An online reading comprehension to try, you can move between the text and the questions using the tabs on the side of the page.


Some of you will know that I am a big fan of yoga and you may even recognise some of these poses from my yoga golden time! The teacher in the video is in the park, safer for you to do indoors or maybe in the garden!

It’s Easter soon. Reread the story of this important Christian festival, using the link below and maybe try out an activity or find out about Easter traditions.
Take care Year 5 and I hope you have a good day!